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Yoga is becoming more popular as its benefits are realized and supported by evidence. By introducing some simple classes your students or employees will experience improved concentration, memory and academic performance as well as a reduction in stress. Our yoga classes incorporate gentle movement, breathing exercises and meditation in a forum where all levels are supported.  

Yoga and Meditation For Schools & Corporations


Energetically focused yoga sequences help balance our body, mind and spirit. Three options are made available so that students can select the practice that will help them the most. Each class ends with a short meditation. 

ENERGIZE BODY & MIND is a class for balancing feelings of heaviness and slowness.

RECLAIM PEACE is a class designed to calm the body and mind.

BALANCE & CENTER is a class to assimilate energy and cultivate stability.


Restorative yoga is designed to let your physical body and nervous system relax to elicit a physical and emotional release. This practice is perfect for reducing stress, anxiety, and restlessness as well as healing physically and emotionally. Each class ends with a short meditation. Perfect practice for anyone