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Teen Empowerment Program

Helping our teens reduce stress, anxiety and depression through education, support, connection, self-care and purpose.

Half-day, after-school, evening and one-on-one programs are now available!

Feelings of depression and anxiety were reduced by 60% and stress was reduced by 76% IN JUST ONE WEEK!*

Group topics include:

  • Wellness, nutrition and self-care education

  • Stress and time management techniques

  • Self-reflection exercises and goal setting

  • Positive psychology routines

  • Physical activity and games

  • Group activities and support

  • Safe and loving environment to be their beautiful selves

Currently accepting middle & high school aged students. Space is limited. Scholarships are now available!

Our Program Directors

As parents ourselves we see firsthand the challenges our teenagers face and the dramatic rise of stress, anxiety and depression. At Simple Heart Health we believe health is dependent on happiness. Our health and wellness services are focused on providing our clients with the insight and tools to fill their lives with community, purpose and perspective. When we have these elements and something to look forward to, self-care (including nutrition) becomes manageable.



Our team has a wealth of experience and includes two mothers who have fought the odds to keep their teens safe, healthy and happy.

Jill Byron

Certified Health & Happiness Coach and Registered Yoga Instructor RYT-200

Jill's passion for helping teens comes from her own struggle with stress, anxiety and depression and as a mother of two teens facing challenging times and similar afflictions. She believes our teens are under so much pressure and have fewer outlets and support than other age groups, which led to the creation of this program. Jill received her certification as an integrative health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and yoga instruction from Yoga Vidya.

Katie Freeman


Katie is a graduate of the University at Buffalo Graduate school of Education with experience working with children and teens ages 3-18. She has a personal interest in nutrition, mindfulness and movement. She is committed to helping youth develop positive thought patterns that lay the framework for healthful behaviors through adolescence and into adulthood.

Maria Decker

Clean Eating Expert and Owner of Maria's 84 Ferry Street and Maria's Catering

Maria is passionate about family, community and food. She developed her love for clean eating and exercising when she moved to California at 19 years old. She strongly believes food is an important key to health and focuses on teaching the dangers of chemicals and processed food. Maria also is an expert on connecting with others and how your relationships impact your health and happiness.


What Teens Are Saying

High School Student: I have been struggling with my mental health for years. I have dealt with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and lack of self-esteem. I've also experienced many negative outside factors which only made my depression worse. At the beginning of the summer, I had recently gone through a major life change with which I was struggling to adapt. On the first day of camp I realized what a comfortable and safe space it was. Throughout the weeks of the camp, I have noticed a definite difference in my mood, one I had before believed to be unattainable. I no longer wake up wondering what the point is and if I should get up at all. Instead I feel much more motivated, positive and peaceful. This camp has taught me many things, but the most important of all is to be happy. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who thinks they could use some help!

High School Student: I feel confident with those I made connections with in the group. It's a safe haven away from the world that just doesn't get it. The people leading the group have shown us it isn't wrong to open up about our pain and hurt. They are making a difference. I felt like I always had to keep to myself because no one knew the struggle I had gone through but that has changed. I have found people with similar struggles and experiences that I can understand and relate to.

High School Student: At Simple Heart Health, I like how we take the time to set goals and talk about issues directly affecting teenage mental, physical and emotional health. The act of setting goals has greatly improved my self-discipline and motivation to change my life for the better. I have been working out and I am feeling confident in myself once again. I cannot wait to see how the shift in mindset brought on by this camp affects my productivity during the upcoming school year.

Middle School Student: To start off, this group is amazing. I really like how we set goals every week! The people here are really nice. We always have group discussions which I love. Also, I used to always make sarcastic and mean comments on what other people said but now I feel like I'm a nicer person all because of this group. I used to yell at my mom all the time but now I don't. To finish, this group is amazing and it changes you. I recommend it to everyone.

*Percent decrease in feelings of depression, anxiety and stress are determined by participants rating their intensity of feeling before and after attending one week.