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Wellness, nutrition & self-care education

Our nutrition and self-care is critical to our behavior, mental fortitude and physical well-being. In our program we'll help establish healthy routines that encourage replenishment, rest & recovery.

Self reflection exercises and goal setting

Sometimes it is hard to see situations and ourselves clearly. We'll give our teens tools and space to reflect, consider other perspectives and set self-improvement goals.

Physical activity and games

When, exactly, do we consider ourselves too old for play? Each day we make time for gentle movement and team activities to remind ourselves how important play will always be for our mind, body and soul.

Safe and loving environment

It takes courage to be vulnerable. We are committed to holding a safe space of love and non-judgment so your teen feels comfortable being their authentic self.

Stress & time management techniques

Our teens are under so much pressure academically and socially. We will work to identify triggers and learn practical tools that will reframe how we approach our problems.

Positive psychology routines 

We are what we think and that fact can be frightening when we are regularly so hard on ourselves. We'll incorporate positive affirmations and loving self-talk to boost your teen's confidence.

Group activities and support

We can have 10,000 followers on social media and still feel alone and isolated. In our program we will form genuine connections providing hope, validation and support.

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