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Your Potential Is Unlimited

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Ethan's first 9th grade midterm is today and last night he shared he was nervous. I used to be nervous about his performance too- his grades have always been all over the place and I have not been successful helping him. Of course this drove fear of whether or not he had a learning disability, would impact his chances of getting into a college and other down the road consequences.

But the puzzling and most frustrating aspect is Ethan is BRILLIANT beyond his years. Ethan is a force and has the capacity to contribute to our world in a way that blows me away now - at his young 15 years old. I can't wait to see what's next for him and the impact he will have on others throughout his life. So in the meantime, I try to guide him to believe he is not defined by a test score even when our culture says he is.

The thing about tests, limits and performance metric is they are designed by people who believe we are all the same. Or worse, by people who believe they know what good and bad is. How silly is it that there is a single way to measure us and use it to make comparisons and judgements when each of us is so uniquely different. Even more so - there is so much we do not understand - about the potential of the human brain and the unlimited and different gifts each of us have. So how can we make a test that determines if we have potential or not? We can't. The test results only measure the test - not you.

This is also true for us as adults. We are constantly measuring and judging ourselves at our jobs and in our daily lives. We compare ourselves to others and then label our performance as good or bad. his is a normal function of our brain, our ego, of being human. Our conscious thoughts are limited and therefore we label in terms we can understand. But this is where we do ourselves injustice. By placing all of these judgements on ourselves we define our own limits and play by our self-made rules. So what if we are wrong? What if the rules we created for ourselves do not exist yet we have designed all of our lives to abide by these rules? It gives us an illusion of safety but have you instead stifled your own existence?

Do you feel a sigh of relief when you read this? Like everything you knew in your heart is true? Excellent! Trust your instinct and start breaking down the false walls you have built around your life. Look at your world through the eyes of a child: with curiosity, where the impossible is possible, without fear and led by your heart.

If you feel afraid you are still in your head and that's a perfect place to start too. You are testing everything you believe to be true and becoming aware that you do not have everything figured out. That can be a scary place. Have you tried meditation or yoga? These are great activities to get out of your head and into your heart. From your heart space you will hear your essence and begin to unlock your truth. There is nothing for your mind to figure out.

You have purpose and your potential is unlimited. Don't let anyone with limited beliefs tell you otherwise.





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