• Jill Byron

Taking Control Is Letting Fear Win

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Having faith requires you to surrender the tight grip you think you have on your life trying to control and manage your fears. Control is the opposite of faith. But how do you surrender when you are so afraid?

No matter how many times I have been saved, when I’m faced with a threat to my family’s safety I’m suddenly a bear ready to kill to protect her cubs. But we are not facing a physical threat; there is no one to fight. Yet my heart skips a beat and my mind races as I try to figure out what it is that I must do.

And I hear my heart tell me to trust in God and I am on the right path. And I know that is true. But as days go on and the situation seems to get worse rather than better my thoughts and my fears become louder than ever.

We all have been here. We all feel the insane pressure to take action and neutralize the threat we perceive. Generally we are not in imminent danger and afraid of something that has not yet happened. Even still, it controls our decisions and can lead us down our self-made path of self-destruction.

I am fully aware that to try to control my fear will require that I sacrifice my own wellbeing. It is that knowledge that has kept me still. I love myself enough to pray for an alternative and to trust in my God to provide for me in a way I do not see or understand yet.

In this moment we are safe and have everything we need. I choose faith.





Gilbert, Arizona


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