Maria Decker is passionate about family, community and food. She developed her love for clean eating and exercising when she moved to California at 19 years old. She quickly reaped the benefits, felt better than she ever had and committed to keeping her body healthy to enjoy her life for as long as possible. Maria strongly believes food is an important key to health and focuses on teaching the dangers of chemicals and processed food. Her phenomenal cooking skills come through in the delicious dishes she prepares for clients and friends again teaching how simple and clean can burst with flavor and nourishment. Maria also is an expert on connecting with others and how your relationships impact your health and happiness.


For more than 30 years, she has been sharing her love for clean eating and health with everyone she touches. Her heart is limitless and within seconds of meeting her you feel safe and welcome. Maria's mission is to remind others how loved they are and are worth the time and effort to eat well and take care of themselves. Maria has been coaching women through the American Heart Association's BetterU program for 7 years and has taught healthy eating through her corporate and private cafes and catering services.

In addition to coaching women, Maria has been an entrepreneur since 2001 when she opened zia Maria's cafe. From there she expanded her expertise in corporate cafes, where she is currently. Maria, with her family, previously operated Family Traditions at the Jonesville Store where they served family recipes, all made from scratch, for breakfast lunch and dinner as well as hosting a gift shop full of local purveyors. She is currently working on her new venture which is beautiful collaboration of all her experiences put under one roof- health, community and her love for good food. Stay tuned for more news!!

Maria is very close to her entire family and loves spending time with her husband, four children, four (soon to be five) grandchildren!



Gilbert, Arizona


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