Jill Byron is committed to helping people reduce stress and achieve health and happiness without sacrificing success or safety. She is a former corporate professional who specialized in health care reform strategy and implementation. She created Simple Heart Health to focus on reducing cardiovascular risk factors for individuals and groups but her coaching practice helps everyone. The key behind her success has been to systematically identify what keeps people from making their health a priority and using slow and consistent modifications to change people’s belief patterns. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it works. Jill works with corporate teams and private clients to eliminate their fear-based decisions and empowers her clients to become their best selves.


Jill received her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® where she mastered state of the art coaching methods, 100+ dietary theories, holistic health prevention philosophies and lifestyle management techniques. Jill completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga Vidya where she learned to heal through yoga practices and philosophies. Prior her brave career jump, Jill was a respected leader and mentor in the corporate world. In addition to her experience and education, she is compassionate and knows first hand how difficult managing health and competing priorities can be. 

Jill has chosen to specialize in fear and faith because she has personally struggled in these areas. You will hear her speak often of her life story in which she survived extensive physical, emotional and spiritual trauma. As a mother, she has had to make unbelievable and courageous decisions to put her health and family first. Her survival makes her uniquely qualified to understand and connect with her clients on an intimate level and guide them through difficult life challenges.

Jill loves running, biking and hiking, going on adventures and spending time with her two children, Ethan & Allison.





Gilbert, Arizona


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