Do You Want to Save On Your COmpany's Healthcare Costs and Find a Way to Engage Your Employees as a Community to Improve Health, Morale & Performance?

Drop your medical costs, decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, and attract and retain your best workers!

Utilizing brilliant risk and reward incentives, Simple Heart Health's Corporate Coaching Program actively engages employees in preventative health care and offers strategies to produce immediate and long-term savings for employer.


We create a custom and unique experience to improve employee wellness, morale, and performance, while boosting engagement in existing wellness programs and driving down health care costs.

Our Unique Corporate Program:

  • Takes employees on a health, wellness & lifestyle journey to make their health and happiness a priority

  • Provides education, customized health plans, and space for personal reflection as well as expert guidance and support

  • Designs individual, small, and large group events to promote a sense of community and encourage creativity

  • Includes strategies to produce both short and long term savings on the money spent on healthcare both for the employer and employee

Learn about our unique Corporate Coaching Program.

How Can These Numbers Affect Your Company?

See how companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dupont and General Mills incorporated wellness programs and reported some astounding resulting numbers! 



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