Corporate Coaching Program


A win for employee, employer, extended health and wellness network, and coach.


At Simple Heart Health we believe self-care is the number one priority. The goal of the program is to teach participants it is safe to allocate time for self-care and encourage utilization of available health and wellness resources.


Effective Engagement Will Result In:

  • Improved morale and workplace culture

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduction in chronic disease

  • Decreased healthcare costs

  • Attracting more talented employees and experiencing less turnover

  • Increased utilization of health and wellness resources

A Unique Program That Works
And complements existing resources

This is not your typical health and wellness program.


Health and wellness education can be found with ease; there are countless weight loss programs and gym memberships for every type of exercise. Yet regardless of health education, some people have trouble committing to or sustaining healthy habits.


At Simple Heart Health, we have designed a coaching program that successfully helps people adopt long-term, healthy lifestyles using existing health and wellness resources. The key is in understanding what keeps people from self-care.

Where people spend their resources and what they value will vary by person, but what remains consistent for many is the amount of time spent on self-care and health. Why?




People are afraid to put their needs above their responsibilities to others.


We teach our clients that healthy can be simple, fun, and contagious! 


Happiness is about forming meaningful connections, living with purpose, and serving our community. To be curious, try new things, make mistakes, and grow. To implement changes slowly and celebrate consistency. 

HOw it works

The Simple Heart Health Corporate Coaching Program is designed to provide health and wellness education and then customize a plan for each participant.


Either on site or virtually, participants receive a mix of:

  • Education

  • Exercises to shift their perspective and get in touch with their needs

  • SMART goal setting

  • Group and individual support from a dedicated coach


The program consists of twelve one hour-long workshops over the course of 24 weeks.


Presentation topics are part of a holistic health and wellness lifestyle series that cover:

  • Health

  • Physical Activity

  • Nutrition & Home Cooking

  • Joy

  • Spirituality

  • Creativity

  • Home Environment

  • Relationships

  • Social Life

  • Finances

  • Career

  • Education

An Effective Design 
To Break Down Fears & Enforce Adoption

The Simple Heart Health Corporate Coaching Program is specifically designed to:


  • Identify and challenge participants’ beliefs that prevent them from adequate self-care

  • Use moderate behavior modifications to reinforce self-care that can be achieved without sacrificing success or safety

  • Experiment, learn, and customize a health plan that works best for the individual participant

  • Incorporate mindfulness techniques and breath work to manage stress, increase focus, and expand creativity

  • Provide an infrastructure of empowerment and accountability to focus on adopting new healthy habits using short-term goals over an extended period of time (six-months)

  • Focus on individual growth and collaborative teamwork

  • Incorporate risk and reward



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