We believe in the power of helping others rise to be and feel their best. Are you ready to be happy and healthy?

Individual Coaching

One-on-one guidance to powerfully deal with the challenges in your life. 

Yoga & Energy Management

Yoga instruction and guided meditation tailored to rebalance your unique energy needs.

Teen Empowerment

Helping our teens reduce stress, anxiety and depression through education, support, connection, self-care and purpose.

In Our Community

We offer programs for schools and corporations.



Simple Heart Health provides guidance to adults and teenagers who are ready to be happy and healthy. We offer several different in-person and virtual coaching and fitness programs including one-on-one, private yoga sessions, group classes, summer, after-school and evening community dinners.

Are you ready to start a movement?

Our mission is to help busy people discover how to make their health and happiness a priority without sacrificing success or safety. People are afraid to put themselves first. By guiding our clients to implement better lifestyle choices in manageable, small and sustainable steps we will help replace their fears with faith and love. We will show our clients that they can break free from stress and disease to live a healthy life that is fulfilling and peaceful. It all starts with wanting something better. We'll take it from there!





Gilbert, Arizona


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